How Acupuncture Have Helped Me Lose Weight

acupuncture-for-weight-lossSince I graduated from college, I noticed that I have been gaining weight. Before, I only have a waistline that measures 26 inches. Now, I was surprised when the measurement says that I already have 32 inches waistline. I tried to look back and evaluate my eating habits and overall lifestyle. I realized that, for many years, I have been consuming a lot of processed food such as luncheon meat, hotdogs and canned goods. I have also consumed a lot of instant foods that are high in harmful ingredients such as monosodium glutamate. During my college days, I used to eat a lot of instant noodles and junk foods.  

My bigger waistline pushed me to think about ways that are effective in losing weight. I tried to search the internet and most of the ways I have stumbled upon are proper diet that is coupled with an active workout program. I don’t have any contentions with these but I think I cannot lose weight in just a few weeks with these tried and tested methods. Yes, I will definitely do these but I can’t promise to be consistent and strict in following a healthy diet and active exercise plan in the next few months. It will take me several months before I can proudly say that I am working out regularly and that I only eat healthy food. These are the reasons why I look for other ways such as acupuncture. Then I suddenly remembered that I have former schoolmates who told me about the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss

I contacted my former schoolmate and asked about how acupuncture have helped her in losing weight. Over the phone, we talked about how she knew about acupuncture and its weight loss benefits. She wasn’t able to tell me everything about the process but she told me that the insertion of long and thin needles in certain points of her body have resulted to a significant reduction in her weight after several weeks. Does acupuncture work for weight loss? Well, she wasn’t able to explain it to me clearly but the fact that she lost weight is already a glaring proof. I asked her about the location of the clinic where she availed of the acupuncture service. After knowing about the address and the contact information, I contacted the clinic and told the person who answered that I will visit the next day. Luckily, they don’t have a long list of appointments the next day so I was told that they can accommodate me.  

On the day of my visit, I learned a lot of information about acupuncture. I never thought that the things I learned are actually possible. But then, those are what the acupuncture practitioner told me and their proof are the many clients who are satisfied with the results. So I asked the practitioner how long and thin needles can really help in the reduction of weight. She first discussed with me a brief history of acupuncture. According to her, it is a traditional healing practice in China that have started more than 8,000 years ago. From that alone, I can’t help but feel amazed because it only means that the practice has truly helped millions of people all over the world.  

One explanation that really made me believe in the powers of acupuncture is the fact that insertion of very fine and sterile needles prevents excessive eating. This is realized when the needles are inserted into the “energy pathways” or specific points in the body that has to do with the production of endorphin. When the needles are already inserted, there is stimulation of endorphin release – the natural feel-good hormones of the body. When there is increased production of endorphin, the body experiences a relaxing and calming effect. This counteracts the craving for excessive eating that may be the result of anxiety, frustration and increased stress. So the key is to have regular sessions of acupuncture especially when you have days filled with anxiety and stress.     

Another way by which acupuncture effectively helps in reducing weight is through the stimulation of nerves and rebalancing of hormones. For many years of practicing acupuncture, Chinese have the belief that excessive weight is also the result of imbalances inside the body that are direct result of liver and spleen organ malfunction. A skilled practitioner can zero in on the specific areas of the body to achieve weight loss. The kidneys and endocrine system are among these body parts that have to be addressed because they help in treating water retention, stimulating nerves, and rebalancing hormones.  

At first, the things I have learned seem to be difficult to understand. But during the process of weekly going to the clinic for my session, I gradually understand how acupuncture helps in weight loss as I experience the amazing results.

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