Hair Colouring in the 21 Century

Colouring one’s hair has been an undying trend to us millennials. You can see a lot with eye-catching colours and shades which may include but not limited to red, pink, green, blue, violet, etc. To many, it is unnecessary and actually bad for our crowning glory. But, for me, dying my hair has given me more than just a new colour in life. It made me more confident on how I looked. To add to that, I found hair dying as an exciting outlet to be myself. When a person dyes his or her hair, he or she is making a statement of who he or she is. I totally agree with this. With the wide range of colours, you can choose one that best fits your personality. People often have something to say about me changing my hair colour. Most of the time they suspect something drastically changed in my life in connection with the change of colour. Quite undeniably, many undergo both hair style and colour change after a significant event, but in my case, I change it because I just feel like changing it.

When it comes to hair dying, others prefer colouring on their own. I, on the other hand, did not risk the future of my hair on my hands. I can vividly remember the first time I had my hair done. As mentioned, I did not dye it myself. I chose to go to a salon. My experience started from the moment I walked into the salon. Upon entrance, they asked me the service I needed and I responded by saying I want my hair coloured. The employees immediately assisted me to a vacant chair and presented me with a hair colour chart. While the stylists are dyeing my hair at Rakis hair salon, they conversed with me as if we have known each other for quite some time. I paid attention to what the stylists were saying because most of the time it was about hair colouring. They entertained me through their television, by complementing the colour I chose, by handing me magazines and many more.

Before they even coloured my hair, they asked me to check the label and contents of the hair dye. They told me it was a necessary precaution to check for ingredients to prevent unwanted results such as an allergic reaction. It was actually a good practice to do this because allergic reactions to the hair dye is characterized by not being able to breathe along with pain on the scalp. I liked the fact that the stylists do not raise the customers’ expectations when it comes to results. They emphasized that results may vary dependent on the colour of the natural hair. They also taught me some hair colour maintenance tips. The tips included the following. First, they told me to pick my colour well because there is no turning back, well at least within the month. I have planned the colour I wanted beforehand. However, I still inquired about what colour best suits me and my style. The assistants were more than happy to give their suggestions. Second, they told me to use specialized shampoo and conditioner for treated hair. They gave me sample products I can use after they dyed it. Third, I was encouraged to apply leave on treatments which can help maintain the colour. Fourth, they told me that I should avoid heat contacts with the hair, which may include the blow dryers and of course the sun. Lastly, they suggested that I get regular trims to prevent split ends from ruining the colour.

My hair colour turned out well. And from then on, I’ve been changing colours whenever my hair grows significantly or whenever I just feel to have it coloured. Hair colouring brought a lot of difference especially when it comes to my confidence. By doing so, not only did I no longer mind about what others think of me, but I also embodied the real me without shame. Dying my hair is probably one of the risks I did not regret taking. I was able to express myself more. Though others thought it was some sort of rebellion, I know that it was definitely not the point of dying one’s hair. Maybe, as I mentioned, others who similarly change their colour dyed their hair not because they are not content with themselves. Rather, they just wanted to show the real them. This is the same for me. I dyed my hair not because I was under a life crisis, a heartbreak or rebellion. I coloured my hair because I have the freedom to express myself. Besides, having my hair done didn’t hurt anyone. But it surely boosted my self-esteem.

While I am selling the idea of having your hair coloured based on your preference, I would still suggest that you think about it for at least a hundred times. Also, if you have strict parents or guardians, you might as well brief them with your plans in order not to surprise them by having a cherry red hair when you come home. Though dying one’s hair can be a spontaneous decision, it still better to plan it before you do it. Planning increases the likelihood that you would love your hair colour after, just the way I loved mine.

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