Stop Worrying About Your Mole Problem

mole removal 2All people have moles. Those lucky ones only have tiny specks on discreet body parts. However, some people seem to have developed bigger moles than others. Much worse is that some have visible moles on exposed body parts like the face, arms, and legs

Having facial moles can affect with a person’s confidence level. Unsightly moles on the face often become a nuisance when it attracts more attention than necessary. 

Thankfully, there are effective means of mole removal that will leave your skin spotless and will make you feel less self- conscious. The problem is that most mole removal techniques are either painful or too expensive to have. Good thing that there are also inexpensive and painless mole removal options. An example of which can be found on

But before going through the process of finding mole removal solutions, it is extremely important that you learn about moles first. True, moles are naturally there but there are instances that these seemingly harmless moles become deadly. There are precancerous moles that will become malignant if left alone for too long. So, what are moles exactly? How do they form? When can you tell that they are safe to be removed? Here are answers that will give you knowledge about moles.

What’s in a Mole?

A mole is a common skin imperfection present in every person. It is either a flat or raised blemish that appears darker than the surrounding skin. Moles appear at birth but some babies continue to have them until adulthood. Normally, moles gradually grow along with the normal body growth. Moles that developed during the fetal stage are called congenital moles. Moles that form after birth are those that arise because of the environmental factors like sun exposure.  

Do not be shocked to see families who have almost similar moles on their features. Genetics plays a role in having moles that is why some babies already have them at birth. There are also other factors that influence the tendency to develop moles. People who have lighter complexions are more prone to develop moles than those who have darker skin tones. Excessive and regular exposure to sunshine contributes with developing moles during the adult years.

How do moles differ?

Surprisingly, not all moles are the same. They are categorized as symmetrical, irregular, and malignant or cancerous.

Symmetrical or regular moles are harmless. They have equal borders, uniform in color, and are usually smaller or just about the same size as a pencil eraser. Symmetrical moles may either be flat or raised and some may even have growing hair out of it.

With irregular moles, otherwise known as atypical moles, the borders are irregularly shaped and seem to have a variety of colors. Most of them grow larger than a pencil eraser and oftentimes appear flat. These moles have the potential to develop into melanomas thus the importance of having it evaluated for removal.

Malignant or cancerous moles are also called as melanomas. They have a highly irregular shape and asymmetrical borders. Just like irregular moles, they also look multi- colored and are bigger than a pencil eraser. The most significant characteristic is that malignant moles continually change or grow with time. A biopsy should be done at once to confirm its malignancy and a removal should be scheduled at the soonest possible time.

What Should be Done With Irregular and Malignant Moles

If after careful inspection, you notice that you have a suspicious looking mole, immediately see a skin doctor to have it fully evaluated. The dermatologist will help you determine if there is a need to have the entire mole removed or you will just undergo a tissue biopsy wherein a thin section of the mole is surgically removed and examined.

It is encouraged that once a dermatologist recommends irregular or malignant mole removal; time should not be wasted with contemplating about it. Cancer cells are unpredictable and there may be a chance that they will spread to the body. Most people who undergo precancerous and cancerous mole removal as soon as malignancy is confirmed have the greatest chance of either avoiding or complete healing from cancer.

What about Regular Moles?

Gone are the days that moles are seen as beauty marks. With the modern concept of beauty, a blemish is a blemish no matter how normal it appears to be. If you are highly conscious of a mole, there is no reason why you should not have it removed. Mole removal methods are safe and there is no reason to be afraid about having it.

The important thing is that you are confident about the method that you will use. Should you decide to have a mole surgery, make sure to see a qualified dermatologist to perform the procedure. If you have the money to pay for either laser mole removal or a cryosurgery, go for it. Or you may choose to have natural, painless, and affordable method like purchasing an effective mole removal cream. You have the freedom to choose which treatment suits you best. As long as it is safe and will make you satisfied afterwards. 

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